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Mr. Mike


     Mike is a born and bred Englishman who has  turned his hand to parody, scriptwriting and acting, Mike has contributed in local amateur events, lighthearted poetry and satirical newsletters.  Some would say that it is a relief for him to be concentrating on the visual arts!

      He has always had a passionate interest in photography. The point at which a photograph, as an instantaneous capture of fact, can be transformed into a concept divorced from momentary reality has fascinated him.

Mike admires artists such as Picasso and Warhol. He is greatly influenced by the teachings of Frank Doorhof and the creative planning of David Black.  He is a student of the pioneer photographers of the early 20th century and the Bauhaus movement.  


Creative Director









Ms. Laysa

Art Director

      Laysa works to deconstruct ‘reality’ by moving the audience into a conceptual space which allows for reflection in solitude.  By creating this disconnection, it is possible for everyone to momentarily arrive in the conceptual world without judgment.

      Laysa is a little more culture, and a little less analog.  She grew up traveling  and focused her life on the observation and study of art. With one foot in the east and one foot in the west, she is at ease and creative in both. Laysa strives to pull the truth out of experience and bring it to exhibition. Her sense of actuality is strengthened by constant interaction with natural environments and conceptual surroundings.